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Joey Jarvis preparing for Bullring Bash opener at White Mountain Motorsports Park

The Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge presented by RaceChoice has added yet another Modified racer to the entry list.

Joey Jarvis, a native of Ascutney, Vermont, will be a part of the Bullring Bash kickoff race on June 16 at White Mountain Motorsports Park, driving his No. 04 White River Toyota Modified, the chassis made by Northeast Race Cars.

“I’m really excited,” Jarvis said. “It should be a neat touring event here for us. The three segments in the race has actually got my interest, so I’m pretty excited to get going.”

Being a part of Bullring Bash has been on the mind of Jarvis for quite some time, as the purse, race format, and staff on the Bullring Bash team impressed him.

“The payouts are really good,” Jarvis said. It seems like the tracks we’re going to gives even the little guys a fair shake… The way I see it is this: you can go up to an MRS race that’s $2,000 to win, or you can go up to the Bullring Bash races for $5,000. It’s one of those races that makes sense to run as a racer.”

There’s also a whole lot of respect for Bullring Bash founder Josh Vanada that Jarvis has.

“He’s always been great for the short track community, and he’s a big reason why a lot of people will come, too,” Jarvis said.

Jarvis’ home track is Claremont Speedway in New Hampshire. He’s had some success there in the past, winning the Modified track championship in 2016. Jarvis took a year off this past season and became the track’s race director, but he’s excited to hop in his car and get to White Mountain for June 16. He’s been at his race shop whenever he’s free.

“I’m usually in the shop till 10:30, 11 o’clock,” Jarvis said. “That could be an every-night thing. If you’re going racing, you have to take it seriously.”

Both venues Bullring Bash will be visiting have Jarvis thinking the playing field will be a bit more even.

“Being a quarter-mile track is the biggest thing,” he said. “That tends to take the big engine game out of it, and puts a little bit more on the driver.

“I want to run all three if I can. If we can do well at one, we’ll go to the next one.”

The Bullring Bash Quarter Mile Challenge will have additional announcements regarding registered teams, sponsors, officials, and much more in the coming weeks. To keep up with the Bullring Bash, teams and fans can visit http://www.bullringbash.com. Fans can also stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @BullringBashQMC.

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